VFX Rotoscopy Training in Hyderabad


vfx rotoscopy training  is a sophisticated animation technique that involves filming live-action then tracing each frame to create a very fluid, life like movement. Students are attracted to this vfx roto training  because they have “not only something to look at and take ideas from, but also make it their own”. Students will demonstrate understanding of rotoscoping as an animation technique by creating a self-portrait with a short animated clip. Students will attend to continuity in their style of rotoscoping.

Rotomaker Academy in Hyderabad is one of the best premium institutes for Media, Style and entertainment industry. Rotomaker Academy has actually built an online reputation as a VFX Training In Hyderabad. Throughout media, It, Art and also Entertainment industry.It also offers

For More details call us 910667700 or visit us http://rotomakeracademy.com


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